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Paracord Rope - Every Color - 100FT For Climbing Camping Survival (Parachute Cord 550)

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If you’re a survival enthusiast, or someone who loves going climbing or camping - you know just how useful a good paracord can be.

The strength, durability, and versatility it gives is perfect for any outdoor activity. Whether you’re climbing a mountain, or setting up a camp - there’s always something you can use paracord to help you with.

Get yours today by clicking on “Add to Cart” and you’ll soon have this versatile paracord ready to go!

  • Item name: Paracord 550 100ft
  • Diameter: 4mm(5/32")
  • Standard: 7 inner strands
  • Length : 100feet (about 31meters)
  • Weight: 220g/piece
  • Minimum Breaking Strength: 550lb



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